How to Sell Multiple Quantities on eBay

 How to Sell Multiple Quantities on eBay

Selling multiple quantities on eBay can save you time and money. There are two different ways to sell products on eBay -- auction or fixed price. Auctions help you sell items using a bidding system, while the fixed price format is used to sell items for a specific price. To sell multiple quantities on eBay, you must use the fixed price format.

How to Sell Multiple Quantities on eBay

Creating Your Listing

1 - Log in to your eBay account, and hover over the “Sell” tab located in the top right corner to reveal a drop-down menu. Click on “Sell an Item.”


2 - Type in the name of the product you're selling in the empty field and press “Search.” Select your product category by ticking the most relevant box, and then press “Continue.”


3 - Click on the “Fixed Price” tab that's located in the Choose a Format and Price area. Type in the quantity of your item in the “Quantity” field.

Displaying Quantities


1 - Click on the “My eBay” link in the top right navigation bar. Hover over the “Account” tab to reveal a drop-down menu, and then press “Site Preferences.”


2 - Press the “Show” link that's located next to Sell Your Item Form and Listings. This will reveal another drop-down menu.


3 - Click on the “Edit” link next to Show the Exact Quantity of Items in Your Listing, if the Quantity Exceeds 10.


4 - Select the quantity option that's applicable to your listing by checking one of the boxes. Press "Submit."

Tips & Warnings

Displaying quantities in your listing can entice buyers to purchase your item.

Variations allow you to sell variants of the same product under one listing. For example, if you are selling a t-shirt in two different colors, creating a variation allows the buyer to select the color on the listing page. To create a variation, press the “Add Variation” link at the top of your listing page, and then fill out the details for your product.

Take eBay fees into account when you are setting your price.

How to Use a Quantity Sale on eBay

Anyone can become a seller on eBay's website. Quantity listings on eBay allow you to offer several identical items for sale in a single fixed-price listing. Buyers can choose how many of the items they want to purchase, and the listing remains on eBay until all of the items are sold or the post expires.

 If you want to give buyers a discount for buying in quantity, you can create a separate fixed-price listing in which a certain number of items are offered in bundles or lots. EBay no longer allows auction-style listings for multiple items, also known as "Dutch" auctions.


1 - Sign in to your eBay account and click the "Sell" button on the toolbar to begin a new listing.


2 - Select a category and click "Continue."


3 - Create a title, complete the description section and add at least one photo to the listing.


4 - Enter the price for a single item in the "Buy It Now Price" field within the Choose a Price and Format section. If you prefer to sell your item in bundles or lots, in which the buyer must purchase 10 at a time, for example, list the price for the whole bundle. Also make sure the title and description sections make it clear you are selling bundles.


5 - List the number of items you have for sale in the "Quantity" field. If the field is grayed-out, click the "Fixed Price" tab to change the listing format. If you are selling in bundles, list the number of bundles available.


6 - Complete the rest of the listing form, including your payment shipping preferences, and then click "Continue. Review the listing and then click "List Your Item" to post it on eBay.

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