How to Save Money on EBay Fees - How to Reduce Shipping Costs

 How to Save Money on EBay Fees

If you are selling on eBay you will quickly realize that the fees can add up significantly over the month and take a big bite out of you business' profit. While there is no way to avoid paying fees there are some things that you can do to save money on your eBay fees.


Host your pictures on a free picture hosting site and put them into your auction description. EBay allows one picture included with your standard list fee and charges you extra for each additional picture you put on an auction.

Run Dutch Auctions when you have multiple items that are the same. The Final Valuation Fee for a Dutch Auction is determined based on the lowest winning bid and then multiplied by the number of winners even though the other bidders will pay you a higher price for their item.

Read the list fee chart provided at the eBay site and consider a lower starting price for your item. For example listing an item with a $9.99 starting bid will save money over starting that same item for $10.00.

Evaluate closed auctions success rates to determine if optional features, such as gallery, are necessary. There are some items that will sell for considerably more money if you pay to put the picture into gallery, but with other items the sell price is the same regardless of gallery placement. Reviewing closed auctions will help you to determine if it is worth the extra fee.

Put your listings on yourself. EBay charges extra if you schedule your auctions and have them put them up for you. Starting auctions at a particular time of day is sometimes crucial for their success. If you are home and at your computer when at item is scheduled to start, revise your scheduled auction, switch it over to start when submitted and submit it yourself to save on the extra fee.

How to Reduce Shipping Costs on eBay

Learn how to choose shipping materials and compare costs to reduce shipping costs on eBay.

Choosing Shipping Materials

The purpose of shipping materials is to protect the item from damage during shipping. Choosing the lightest possible containers and cushioning materials while still protecting the item reduces shipping costs. Choose an envelope or box that allows just enough room for any needed cushioning without excessive space. Cushioning material should be based on the type of item being shipped.

Bubble wrap cushions breakable items and is good for odd shapes.

Foam pouches protect items with flat surfaces.

Newspaper protects fragile items when wrapped or crumpled around items.

Packing peanuts fill remaining spaces between the item and the container.

Tip : Choose specially made boxes with divider cells for fragile items such as dishes and glassware.

Choosing Shipping Methods

1 - To compare shipping costs of USPS, FedEx and UPS, use the eBay Shipping Calculator. From your Selling page, click the calculator icon or Calculate.

2 - Select the type of package from the drop-down menu. Enter the dimensions and the weight. Check your ZIP code for accuracy and enter any handling fees you charge. Leave the handling fee at $0 for no fee. Mark Domestic or International. Click Calculate Shipping.

Tip : To estimate the weight using the eBay Shipping Calculator, click the weight slider and choose the weight similar to the item shown.

For International shipping, you must select a country or region.

3 - Click on the tabs to view shipping costs from each company. To choose a method, click the service and close the calculator.

4 - You can also let eBay choose a shipping method. To let eBay select your shipping method, click Select Shipping For Me before completing your listing. EBay automatically chooses the least expensive U.S. Postal Service shipping method, based on similar items.

To select shipping yourself, click Select Shipping Myself. Enter the weight, dimensions and type of package. Choose a service from the drop-down menu.

5 - To offer multiple shipping services, click Offer Another Shipping Service. Choose the additional service from the drop-down menu.

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