How to Know What to Sell on eBay And Make a Profit

Many are selling on eBay and making good money

If you want to make money staying at home and be your own boss, becoming an eBay seller is one avenue to consider. Many find it fun, rewarding and a reliable income stream. To improve your chances for success, you want to adhere to certain guidelines on what to sell and how, as well as learning how to find eBay-worthy items you can make available.

How to Know What to Sell on eBay And Make a Profit

1 - Set your sales parameters

Some stick to selling one item, while others sell everything. To help decide, consider what you have available. Perhaps you have many things in your attic or garage. Maybe someone dear to you left you many items you do not need. Maybe you have access to many collectibles such as military pins, fireman or police patches or brewery items. Use your imagination to think of what people really want. People will even buy coupons. Twenty percent off coupons from places like Home Depot are well liked. One lady buys name brand clothing from thrift stores and sells it for more on eBay. The possibilities are endless.

2 - Use your own life experiences to decide what to sell.

 For example, one man who knows motorcycles sells parts he removes from his own motorcycle.


3 - Check eBay regularly to see what is and is not selling.

Research is very important. You can list any item on eBay, but not all are going to make money for you. In fact, you can lose money if you are not careful. EBay does charge listing fees so you want to make sure that 10 other people are not listing the exact same item. The best way to do this is to check the ended or completed auctions. Once you are logged in, go to the right corner in the yellow and click “Advanced Search” in blue writing. You will see a place to input your keyword. After you do so, you will see the box “Show complete listings only.” Check the box and click “Search.” This will bring up all the items listed recently of that type and show you if they sold or not. Items that sold are in green. The unsold items are in red.


4 - Check also on ebay to learn what is selling.

Timing is also very important. You would not want to sell summer clothing during the winter or winter clothing during the summer. Listing items at the right time will pay off.


5 - Visit yard sales, auctions and thrift stores to acquire items. 

Go to yard sales before the start times and always ask for price reductions. Some people are known to sell items others have discarded in dumpsters. Some people buy big lots from eBay or wholesalers.


6 - Sell things you have around the house you no longer want. 

Some clothing brands sell for more than others; plus sizes sell very well. People collect lots of things and some just do not like store shopping. Thus, if your children have outgrown their clothing or toys or you have old casino ashtrays to unload, you may just find some eager buyers.


7 - Buy anything old or unusual to sell from auctions, thrift stores and yard sales. 

This includes old license plates, maps, wedding cake toppers, recipe books, postcards, WWII memorabilia, autographs, sports memorabilia, TV and movie memorabilia, collectors’ cards, military pins, old black and white photographs, name brand clothes, newspapers of historical events such as JFK’s death, magazines, metal lunchboxes, college books, things made of old plastics like Bakelite and celluloid, very old buttons, coins, perfume bottles, old glass or metal medicine containers, metal coffee cans, airline pins or miscellaneous airline items, brewery or distillery items, and much more. Vintage items are also in demand, whether jewelry, hats and clothing, medical books, Christmas ornaments and toys.

Tips & Warnings

Always tell friends and family that you want anything they plan to discard. You never know what might sell.

Put unsold items in your own yard sale to get your money back.

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