How to Find a Quality Wholesale Dropshipper

Some great tips on what to look for to find a quality wholesale dropshipping company.

How to Find a Quality Wholesale Dropshipper

Things You'll Need


Internet Access

Will To Succeed


Great Products To Dropship


1 - Find a Quality Wholesale dropshipper step 1 - Make sure your wholesale dropshipper has a lot of quality products for you to sell on eBay. This gives you a greater chance of increasing your profits, making it easier to find a diamond in the rough.

2 - When you are looking for a quality wholesale drop shipper. First thing you want to do is make sure that there is a lot of positive reviews in the eBay community, as well as positive posts, about that particular drop shipping company online.


3 - When looking for a quality company to do business with online. Your first step is to make sure that the price is right, you don't want real high startup fees. A quality drop shipper should be reasonably priced for a membership. They should also have quality products, and most of the product should be fairly easy to sell.


4 - When you are looking for quality, think no further than the Better Business Bureau. Is this wholesaler a member of the Better Business Bureau? Are they in good standing with the Better Business Bureau? If they fit these two criteria, you might have found a winning wholesaler to do business with.


5 - Make sure the wholesaler you eventually go with has a legitimate land-line telephone number for you to get a hold of them. A cell phone number wont do, this would signal a fly by night shady operation. To pick a quality wholesaler, make sure that they have a legitimate business address. You do not want to work with any fly-by-night wholesalers out there. If you do, then remember: if they go out of business, your business can suffer or may inevitably fail. 

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