Top 10 Items to Keep Baby Safe at Home eBay

There are a variety of items out there to keep a baby safe from home.  Deciding what to choose is more than just comparing brands.  Even more effort is required to understand what types of items are most crucial to have in the home.  It is also important to stretch the budget as far as it can go without sacrificing the baby's safety. 

Regalo Easy Step

Getting the best safety for the available money is another challenge in and of itself.. However, there are many items that can be picked up for an affordable price to make pre-existing parts of the home safer for babies.  Of course, none of this is a good replacement for proper supervision.  Many of the items below can be located through retailers, secondhand shops, and websites like ebay.

1. Regalo Easy Step Metal Walk Through Safety Gate

It is not always possible to completely babyproof a house.  Stairways are difficult to remove, after all.  As such, having an easy to deploy roadblock is essential.  The Regalo Easy Step Walkthrough Safety Gate is fairly self explanatory. 

It blocks off an entrance from 29 to 40 inches wide, while also providing an easy way for adults to gain passage.  The gate screws into the wall, as recommended by many experts, instead of a pressure gate, but still has a swing open door with a safety latch.  It is not expensive for those who need to secure multiple entryways.

2.  Woodfield Child Guard Screen for Woodstoves

Much like the safety gate, the Woodfield Screen prevents entry into fireplaces.  A good fireplace guard needs to be fireproof, of course.  More importantly, it must completely block passage for babies.  The three panel version is wide enough to prevent a baby from sticking his or her limbs through and potentially getting hurt. 

Woodfield Child Guard

 It also prevents any stray embers from jumping past the screen.  Normally, niether of these occurances is likely to actually lead to major injury, but the parents should put the proper precautions in place.  The mesh screen guard adds the extra protection at no major cost.

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