How to Take Great Product Photos for Online Selling

"A picture is worth a thousand words" and a truer proverb has never been spoken. Whether you are selling an item through auction on eBay, or have a delightful store on Etsy or Artfire, great product photos are a must have. Here are some inexpensive ways to enhance your product photography for your online selling.

Take Great Product Photos for Online Selling

Things You'll Need:

photo studio

foam core board

natural light






1 - First of all, make sure your item is clean, polished, wrinkle free and free of lint or pet hair. Present your item the way you would like to see it if you wanted to purchase it.

2 - Turn the flash on your camera OFF. Either take your items outside to a nice shady spot or find a place in your house near a window that offers diffused light. Some of the best product photos I've seen were taken on a windowsill or on a table in front of window. Set up so the light comes from the side and avoid backlight. Because your flash is off, consider using a tripod to avoid blurry photos.

3 - Choose a simple background. A neutral wall or table is fine. Or purchase a plain white foam core board from your local crafts store. Busy backgrounds can distract from the product you'd like to sell.

4 - If taking pictures outside or near a window are not options for you, think about investing in a small photo studio. See the resources below for a do-it-yourself option on making one.

5 - Show the product from all angles. Take at least one full product picture. Taking the picture from a 3/4 angle (not straight on) will give the item depth and show more than one side of the item in one photo.

6 - Finally, use photo editing software like Picasa to adjust lighting, crop, and make the best picture possible! Watch your sales soar!!

Tips & Warnings

If you're selling used books, DVD's or CD's try taking a photo of your item instead of using the stock image. People like to see the actual item they will receive.

Don't be afraid to get creative! (especially for Etsy and Artfire) Use different angles, backgrounds, props. You may be surprised with the results!

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