How to Start an eBay Business Online

Start an online eBay business. Staring an eBay business can be fun and financially rewarding. EBay attracts a large number of visitors each month, and you can take advantage of those visitors when you create an eBay account. While starting a business online may sound like a complicated task, you can easily start your own online business through eBay.

eBay business


1 - Contact an attorney specializing in small business to help you with the legal details. Choose the legal structure for your business, and then apply for the necessary business licenses, permits, and tax registrations with your local municipalities.


2 - Apply for a business checking account with your local bank, and consider applying for a business credit card. Keep all personal and business transactions separate for tax reporting purposes.

3 - Create an eBay account by visiting Click on the "Sell" tab, and then click "Sell Your Stuff." Click on the "Register" tab to create an account. Enter your name, business name, address, and credit card or bank account information, and then click "Submit" to create your account. Select a user-name that reflects your business offerings.


4 - Create a Paypal account by visiting to accept payments through eBay. Click on the "Sign Up" link in the upper-right corner of the page. Follow the instructions on the page and enter your name, address, bank account number and other information. Click "Submit" to create your account.

5 - Locate wholesale vendors to acquire products for resale. Search the local phone book, business directory listings or visit local trade shows to locate wholesalers with products you wish to sell. Establish an account with the wholesaler and purchase inventory at wholesale prices for resale. You can also purchase items from local thrift shops, rummage sales and antique stores for resale on eBay.

6 - Create your own products or services as an alternative to selling physical products. Market your services using eBay's classified ad feature, or create a listing to advertise your unique service or hand-made products.


7 - Take pictures using a digital camera, and upload them to your computer by connecting the camera to a USB cable. Store the pictures in a location such as the "My Pictures" folder. List your inventory on eBay by clicking on the "Sell" link on eBay's website. Add a title, pictures, a listing description, the price, and shipping information to list the item using eBay's form. Click on "Submit" to list the item on eBay's site.

8 - Ship items to the customer's address using the shipping carrier of your choice or ship items from home by printing labels via Paypal's shipping tool. You can also create an account with a shipping carrier to schedule regular pickups of large packages.

9 - Record your financial transactions using a spreadsheet or accounting software program. Enter eBay fees, Paypal fees, inventory costs, sales data and other revenues or expenses. Consult an accountant for help in paying local, state or federal income tax returns.

Tips & Warnings

Price items competitively to boost sales.

Make sure to pay all taxes to the appropriate authorities on time to avoid interest and penalties.

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