How to Sell PLR on eBay

Selling PLR content on eBay can be lucrative. PLR or private label rights content, is any digital product that you are permitted to re-label and sell as if it were your own creation. 

How to Sell PLR on eBay

You can modify the content, change the title, list yourself as the creator and sell or distribute the content as you wish. PLR content can be an extremely profitable and accessible product to sell on eBay since it does not require physical inventory and can be delivered digitally to multiple buyers.


1 - Purchase a PLR product in the niche in which you plan to sell. You can either hire a ghostwriter directly or you can find a seller on a forum or website with a simple Internet search containing your desired terms and the term "PLR."

2 - Modify and title the work that you purchase. You want to make the information appealing to prospective buyers, so you need to create a catchy title for your product.

3 - Create an eye-catching auction listing that explains what your product contains and why potential buyers should purchase it. Adding things such as video or audio files to your listing can help capture bidders' attention.

4 - List your item for auction on eBay and respond to any inquires made by potential buyers. You should monitor the auction's progress and see if your listing is getting visitors.

5 - Send your product to the winning buyers after they have made payment. One of the benefits of PLR content is that you can sell to as many buyers as you can find.


6 - Leave feedback for your buyers rating the overall selling experience after they have confirmed the receipt of the PLR product.

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