How to Calculate Shipping to Australia

Australia is a country that many sellers on online marketplace sites mail packages to on a regular basis. Since it is primarily an English-speaking country, almost any media good produced in America, such as a book, can be readily enjoyed by Australians, as well as more standard collectible items. Whether you wish to ship goods to Australia as an online marketplace seller or are shipping a gift to a friend or family member, calculating shipping is a straightforward process.

The cost of shipping packages to Australia can be calculated easily.


1 - Determine if the item you are shipping is permitted to pass through Australian customs before calculating postage costs, as they are irrelevant if the item cannot be shipped. The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service has a full list of prohibited substances available online . Examples of easily overlooked restricted imports are novelty erasers, cosmetics, laser pointers and glazed ceramic ware.

2 - Place the item you will be mailing on a scale along with any other items to be shipped at the time. These items include the shipping box and packaging materials. Use a digital scale for the most accurate reading.

3 - Record the weight visible on the scale on a piece of paper along with the value of the items to be shipped and the destination city, province and postcode. This information is necessary to calculate the shipping cost.

4 - Visit the website for the carrier of your choice, or visit each of the four major carriers to compare prices.,, and each provide delivery calculators that issue quotes on Australian shipping costs.

5 - Access the websites' postage or rate calculation tool and fill out the entry forms required. Every carrier requires the input of a destination country and the package weight and size for the most accurate shipping calculation possible. Enter the value of your package, the destination postcode and the destination city as well as your own city and ZIP code if the delivery service requires this information for a quote.


6 - Record the calculated shipping quote for Australia from each website and compare to find the best mailing option.

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