Estate Auction and Selling Auction? Some Advice. ebay

If you've ever thought about using an Live Auctioneer and wondered what or how it works, a few tips might be helpful for you...

Estate Auction and Selling Auction? Some Advice. ebay

- If you think an item is worth more than we do, you’re probably wrong.

- If you think it is worth less than we do, bless you, but you’re probably wrong.

- If you want reserves you will pay me 10% for what it does not sell for.

- The LAST thing you should ask me is what my Commission rate is.

- If three experienced auctioneers give you the same estimate and a fourth is much higher..he is lying to you.

- If it brings less than I estimated, I was wrong, get over it.

- If it brings more, I was wrong, take the check and be happy about it.

- DON’T call me the day after the auction asking for a check.

- You get paid in 30 long as we’ve been paid.

- Some of your things will probably sell for “Bargain Prices”, so get over it now.

- Some of your things will bring more than they would on another day. Also part of the business.

- Some of your things will bring less than they would on another day. Also part of the business.

- If the Bidder doesn’t pay his bill I do not owe you the money anyway. You simply get the item back.

- You cannot stop the sale of an item during the auction. I’ll just sell it to the most recent bid.

- Do not try to micromanage the preparation of the auction. I’ll call you if I need anything from you. Otherwise leave me alone i.e GO AWAY!

- No you cannot bid on your own stuff….neither can your mother, sister, nanny, unless they write a check to pay for it, including commissions.

- If it’s under a table in a Box Lot…it deserves to be there, so don’t ask me why.

- Its costs me $30 to sell anything, please don’t ask me to sell items worth $10.

- Reserves are for cowards. So lets just have a little faith in the system.

- The Roadshow is NOT always right.

- I know which items should be illustrated for advertising the auction , 

so please don’t tell me..

- If you “Know Someone “ who once told you an item was worth a “FORTUNE” I don’t want to hear about it. Every consignor knows someone like this..and they are usually if not always wrong.

- Very few things are rare. Even if it did belong to your Great Grandmother.

- Kitchen Glasses are worthless. So don’t ask me to take them to sell.

- Just because you’ve never seen another one doesn’t mean its rare. You just haven't seen it.

- Your Brother –In-Law’s opinion is something I don’t need to know.

- What something was worth on the “Old Appraisal” from 1980 means nothing..

No I don’t want to see it.

- Do not drag out old Antiques Magazine ads to prove something to me about your item.

- The odds are if your Great Great Granddad bought it in Europe while on “The Grand Tour” he probably got taken. If it is a painting he did get taken. European dealers skinned Rich Americans to the bone by the thousands. If the bought anything really was an accident.

- If you bought it in New York…you paid full retail, no matter how "Good" the deal was.

- New Oriental Rugs, {less than 40 years old}are worth $1.50 to $5.50 per square foot at auction.

- On-site auctions bring more money than ANY other venue…including New York and London. So if you have a big yard and good stuff..please let us put up a tent there.

- A Mediocre Specialist dealers know more than Non Dealer Specialist Collectors…

- Anything restored is worth less…often much much less.

- I’ll decide what goes in a box lot. So please leave it alone.

- If you plan on attending your own auction..{I’d prefer it if you just went to a movie and called me two days after the auction}

- Don’t hog the best buyer’s seats with you and your family. Sit at least 10 rows back off to the side. 20 Rows back are even better.

- Regarding your family, tell them not to moan and yell, cheer “Yippie” when things sell…SHUT UP AND RELAX. Or you will KILL your own stuff. OK?

- Do not tell the other attendees you are the consignor! Trust me on this. {Bad Karma}

Do not bid on your own stuff…it is ILLEGAL!

- You cannot stop the sale of an auction item during the sale for any reason.

- Do not question me during the preview and monopolize my time, say hello and go away.

- During the last 45 mins before the auction begins..PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE I guarantee you I am busy.

- Do not ask me where your Grandma’s Hummel is..ITS IN A BOX LOT!

- Do not change your mind about selling anything and ask for it back. I don’t have to do it and probably won’t…it might get ugly.

- Do not bring your dog! They are a distraction and in most cases it is Illegal if food is being served during the auction. I know this is sad to hear but, some people hate dogs.

- No Micromanaging the preview or the proceedings know nothing about what is going on. I know you’re SPECIAL….but you know nothing.

- Do not ask my staff to do things for you…they are busy, they work for me.

- Do not ask me or anyone else to put reserves on ANYTHING the day of the auction. The answer is no and NO you cannot have it back.

- Do not bring any kids under 15, if you do..hang great big signs around your necks that say “WE”RE THE CONSIGNORS”.

- Do not stand around your items discussing how wonderful they are while pretending to be potential buyers. If you do..hang a great big signs around your necks that say “WE”RE THE REALLY STUPID CONSIGNORS”.

- If you bring Grandma or Grandpa..tell them to please not kibitz with the previewers.

- If this information has been helpful and maybe even kept you or a friend from buying a mistake I would appreciate a YES vote for this guide, if it made you laugh a little, thats even better!!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. 

Ebay is a great place to do business and knowing what you're doing can make it better for all of us. Good luck to you, Sincerely. 

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