How to Make Money on Junk

The dictionary defines "junk" as any old or discarded material, or anything that is regarded as worthless, meaningless or contemptible. However, what is junk to you may be useful to someone else. A backpack with a broken zipper may not be junk to someone who can easily and deftly sew on a new zipper. Small children's toys are junk to older children, but not to mothers of very young children who are shopping for toys. Some artists even sell work that was crafted from junk.


1 - Clean the house and put all of the "junk" carefully in large plastic tubs. Keep clothing separate from everything else. Wrap breakables in newspaper or old towels. Clean all junk items. Wash clothing if necessary, fold neatly and place it in a large plastic tub. Wash and dry old children's toys so they are appealing to another family. Remove all dust and grime from any and all junk items for sale.


2 - Know your markets. For example, to sell old clothes check out the consignment and thrift stores in the area. Different stores cater to different styles and clientele. A consignment store with ball gowns in the window may not cater to people looking for used children's clothes.

3 - Ask for the consignment agreement; different stores share different percentages of the sale with the consignee. The agreement will also tell you when the stores accept items, and what they are and are not accepting at any given time. After spending time looking at items in different thrift stores, bring in the items for sale that you think will sell in that particular store.


4 - Sell your junk online. EBay is a popular website on which to do this, but other options are available, such as and even Craigslist. To sell on eBay, open an eBay account and a PayPal account, both of which are free. You will be charged nominal fees for selling on eBay, but only when you use the service. There are no ongoing monthly fees.

5 - Take pictures of your junk with a digital camera to sell it on eBay. It is best to photograph stuff for sale against a monotone background and in good light. Show the junk off at its best.


6 - Choose a day in the summer and have a garage sale to sell your junk at. This takes up the day, but you don't have to mail things to people. Get together with neighbors and have a multifamily garage sale. This spreads the work around and makes things easier, and it is also more attractive to buyers who frequent garage sales because of the variety of stuff. Advertise your garage sale in the paper to get the most customers.

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