How to Bubble Wrap Shipments - How to Weigh Postage

 How to Bubble Wrap Shipments

Bubble wrap provides cushioning to items during shipment. Bubble wrap is a flexible sheet of plastic with many air pockets in it. It is used to provide cushioning to items during shipment. Use bubble wrap for shipments by cutting off pieces of bubble wrap, wrapping your item with all sides and corners protected, placing your item in a box and making sure you have at least two inches of bubble wrap between your item and the box.

How to Bubble Wrap Shipments

Things You'll Need


Shipping box


1 - Cut off pieces of bubble wrap that are big enough to wrap your item or items. Bubble wrap usually comes in rolls that you can cut with household scissors to fit your individual packaging needs. Some types are perforated for easy tear off.


2 - Wrap your item with the bubble wrap and make sure all corners and sides of your item are protected. Covering all sides of your package will ensure your item's protection during shipping.


3 - Place your item inside of a box that is large enough for your item to fit inside but not so large that your item can move around a lot.   

4 - Place at least two inches of bubble wrap padding between the item you are shipping and the inner wall of the box.

How to Weigh Postage

A small digital scale is all you need to weigh postage. It is easy to weigh postage yourself at home to eliminate a trip to the post office. In addition to picking up letters, your postman will also pick up packages from your doorstep, as long as they have the necessary postage. While it is easy to operate a digital scale for postage, there are still a few things you should know.

Things You'll Need

Digital scale


1 - Place your postal scale on a flat, hard surface.

2 - Turn on the postal scale. Allow the unit to fully power on before placing your mail onto the scale.     

3 - Place your letter or package onto the postal scale. Record the weight.

4 - Consult the current USPS price list (see Resources) for the exact postage your item needs.

Tips & Warnings

First class is only available up to 14 ounces. If your package is above one pound, you need to round up for partial pounds. For instance, if your item weighs one pound, three ounces, you would need to pay postage for a two-pound package.

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